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Lay The Table

Table scaping is the art of designing and dressing a table set up for a special event/dinner.

Without a doubt, no dinner table is more important than the one we eat around at Christmas. (No pressure)

It certainly doesn’t need to be a stress to organise or cost the earth.

We’ve curated some of our favourite festive dining tables for this year to inspire you.

We are particularly loving the seasonal foliage as the base of the centrepieces. However, if you’re not feeling up to donning your wellies and brandishing your garden shears there’s a lovely lady at flowerful. Dorchester who can help you with that.

If you take a walk along Dorchester’s Antelope walk you can’t miss Miranda’s beautiful shop. You’ll see the most stunning floral arrangements on display and smell the sweet scents. Whilst you’re here you can pop next door and pick up some beautiful candles and accessories available at the charming Cranbornes of Dorchester, it’s a treasure trove.

Et Voila! Christmas table, sorted.

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