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We're feeling 2022

Updated: Jan 26, 2022

We’ve been doing some digging and here are our findings for the top 10 biggest interior & design trends to look out for in 2022.

-Sustainability and natural materials. Talk of sustainability isn’t a phase its here for good and it’s beautiful. Let’s see what we can do with it.

-Black Accents

Adding a dash of drama & warmth.

-Natural lighting Good for the soul. Less of the false overpowering lighting please.

-Textured fabrics If you’re not keen on too much colour, a brilliant way to add warmth is to bring in different textures.

-Dark & Earthy tones So cosy & a little bit moody.

-House plants Good for purifying the air we breathe and they look nice too. You can't go wrong.

Lounge bars- Making having a tipple at home feel a little more luxurious.

-Marble kitchens Marble/quartz have been a popular choice for a while now but this coming year it’ll be pushing through more than ever.

-Return to retro 60’s/70’s This has been a niche trend for the past few years but it’s really picked up in the last year with many designers showing heavy retro inspiration. Its going to be big this year!

-Vintage furniture is going nowhere Coming back to sustainability and also drawing on the retro vibes. We are thrilled that vintage furniture is quite literally going nowhere. It just can’t be recreated, it’s really well made and each piece has a story.

-Vintage & Industrial (our personal favourite) OK so this is actually trend number 11 but we couldn’t miss it out. Mixing two of our favourite styles. The rigid elements of the industrial style with the romanticism of vintage or retro- objects. Adding elegance and cosiness to an industrial backdrop. Just perfect.

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